Q&A: After $500M Lyft bet, GM chases self-driving cars

Peter Kosak has had a busy start to the new year.

Last week, it was the announcement that his employer, General Motors, had invested $500 million in ridesharing giant Lyft. This week, it was a meeting with the company’s top underwriters, who are grappling with how to insure an increasingly wide array of shared, borrowed and purchased cars.

As GM’s Detroit-based executive director of urban mobility, Kosak is tasked with making sense of the rush toward what industry types call “shared mobility” — the ever-widening constellation of service offerings for consumers and business looking to either hitch an on-demand ride or rent a shared car.

In an interview with edited for length and clarity, Kosak laid out GM’s approach to the fast-moving world of urban transportation and auto technology.

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