Refugees from Iraq in central Ohio know they are lucky ones

Jasim Algailany had his own TV show in his hometown of Baghdad. But his newscasts in Arabic and English that were broadcast throughout the Middle East did not help his TV station win fans among terrorist groups. In fact, al-Qaida in Iraq blew up the station’s Baghdad office with a suicide truck bomb in early 2007, about a year after Algailany — fearing for his life — had fled to Jordan.

″(The station) was representing a different trend than what the terrorists were trying to show,” he said.

Knowing it was impossible to return home to his old job, he began the long process of refugee resettlement that ended when he moved to central Ohio in 2010.

“It wasn’t my decision,” said Algailany, 36, whose entire family remains in Iraq. “It was a necessity. My life was threatened.”

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