Your shelter or mine? How homeless relationships blossom in unlikely places

Falling in love without a roof over your head presents unique challenges, and is rarely researched or discussed. But couples are still forging lasting bonds

Julie Reagan met Phillip Adams on Valentine’s Day 2013. She remembers the cute black-and-white dog he was walking at the apartment complex where she lived. He remembers her knocking on the door and asking for ingredients to bake a birthday cake.

The chemistry was obvious, but there was a catch. Phillip wasn’t actually Julie’s neighbor. He was homeless, alternating between crashing on friends’ couches and camping near a river just outside the heart of Sacramento, California’s capital.

“I didn’t know,” Julie said. “When I did find out, I was fascinated by it. I would just ask him questions for hours and hours.”

With time, however, their relationship progressed to the point where they were ready to take a much bigger step together.

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